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A Principled Approach to Retirement Planning - Lord and Richards

A Principled Approach to Retirement Planning - Lord and Richards

When helping their clients prepare for retirement, Lord and Richards, Inc. founder Colin Richards and his team take a principled approach.

"Our goal is to help our clients become more financially independent and better able to cope with the changing world around them from a Biblical point of view,” Colin says. “That means making sure we hold ourselves and our advice to the highest ethical standards and operate based on the timeless principles the Bible contains about money.”

“First and foremost, we act in each client’s best interest and go through a comprehensive planning process to create a financial independence road map.

"By minimizing risk, we can develop a plan that not only allows clients to retire, but to stay retired because we've ensured their retirement income can last for life."

“Regardless of age, many of our clients come to us with a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding the financial safety of their retirement plan,” Colin adds. “That’s why we start by taking an in-depth look at risk exposure."

“By minimizing risk, we can develop a plan that not only allows clients to retire, but to stay retired because we’ve ensured their retirement income can last for life.”

To avoid the possibility of losing retirement income just because the market goes down, Colin and his team apply an historical stress test to each client’s portfolio using 70 individual markers to check for strength of performance and security.

“We look at a client’s plan and see how it would have done during any period in the past when the market was volatile. Take the year 2008, for example. When we’re looking at a client’s retirement strategy, we want to make sure it could have survived the same factors present in 2008.”

Going to that level to minimize risk isn’t something most advisors do; statistically, less than 10% perform the same level of in-depth planning. It is not, however, the only aspect of client service that sets Lord and Richards apart.

“One of the critical aspects of retirement planning now involves looking at long-term care,” Colin explains. “Unfortunately, it’s something that often gets overlooked.”

Bankruptcy is all too common during retirement and long-term care is the number one reason why. That’s why Colin and his team take an asset-based approach to create a steady cash flow to fund long-term care and protect retirement income.

“No one wants to see all their hard-earned money go to a nursing home. Or taxes,” Colin says. “We help our clients maximize their retirement income so they can leave a legacy to their families or a charitable organization.”

Helping make the most of their retirement by taking a principled approach to every aspect of the financial plan — it’s not just the right way to do things. It’s the way Lord and Richards, Inc. helps each client they serve.

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