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Advice Beyond Investing. The Gustafson Group at UBS

Advice Beyond Investing. The Gustafson Group at UBS

After decades in the financial service industry, there’s one thing that still gets Christine Gustafson excited every morning: the opportunity to help clients and their charitable passions.

“The Gustafson Group at UBS does more than just manage money,” Christine says. “We take a holistic approach to wealth management and it all begins with this promise: to provide you with the insight and perspective that creates financial peace of mind.”

We take a holistic approach to wealth management and it all begins with this promise: To provide you the insight and perspective that creates financial peace of mind."

“Whether it’s to protect your estate for the next generation, or contribute to the philanthropic causes that mean so much, we provide the guidance you need to gain clarity, weigh your next steps and choose a strategy you can depend upon and begin acting upon today.”

Taking such a strong, holistic focus that includes charitable giving is something that comes naturally for Christine. She has a long personal legacy of giving back to a number of important charities including the American Heart Association. In 2016, Christine became the chair of the AHA Investment Committee which oversees their $670 million fund.

For 11 years, Christine served on the University of Virginia’s $7.5 billion UVIMCO endowment board which is recognized as one of the top performing endowments in the country.

“We focus on a smaller client base so we can give each client the level of attention they deserve,” Christine says. “We create relationships; in fact, many of our client relationships have spanned 20 years or more and now span several generations.

“Focusing on relationships is important because we want our clients, especially women, to feel comfortable discussing money,” she adds. “Our mission is to create financial peace of mind for our clients and that often ties into the need for educating spouses. In April, Christine led the Arizona Women’s Symposium to deliver financial education tailored to a female audience.

“Many women that we work with have had little education or experience handling these kinds of issues. What mortgage is best for me? Should I purchase or lease my car? Which credit card is best for my spending and traveling needs? Do I need long-term healthcare insurance? How should I plan for divorce or the death of my spouse?

“Our team handles every aspect of our client’s financial life, so these are the types of questions we welcome and encourage. We have team members prepared to answer on a personal, client-centered level.” Indeed, when clients work with Christine and The Gustafson Group, they enjoy a very customized financial planning experience. “We encourage questions and dialogue,” Christine says.

“We have a conversation. We talk about real issues without using a lot of technical jargon. We build relationships, create solutions and give advice that goes beyond investing.”

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