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Family-Focused Financial Planning, Horizon Financial

Family-Focused Financial Planning, Horizon Financial

The only things traditional or old-fashioned about Horizon Financial are their values: working hard, doing the right thing and being thorough. When you visit their office, there is no television in the lobby with CNBC showing the latest market drama — only a friendly, familiar face who has your coffee ready the way you like it.

“We look out for our clients’ best interests and we understand their needs,” says Holly Gallagher, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, and founder of Horizon Financial. “We develop the kind of relationships that allow our clients to feel comfortable discussing the hard topics.”

Achieving that level of comfort with clients, in fact, is the sort of dedication to service that has been a hallmark of Horizon Financial for over 25 years. Born and raised in the area, Holly and her husband are bringing up their two children on their 100-acre family farm and are committed to instilling the values that Northern Michigan provides.

"We've Helped Parents and grandparents plan for education and then watch their kids graduate from college," Holly says. "For one family we've been blessed to manage the wealth of four generations."

“We’ve worked in tandem with our clients’ CPAs and attorneys to ensure proper tax and estate planning, and we’ve been there to help navigate the loss of loved ones. We provide them with support and financial solutions they need to successfully bridge these life transitions,” she adds.

“Of course, we also understand that we may not be the best fit for everyone. If a client is seeking the lowest price provider or wants to beat a specific index, that’s not us. Price is only an issue if there is no value.

“It’s impossible to outperform an index all the time,” Holly continues. “We can’t control that. What we can control is providing comprehensive goals-based planning and long-term investment strategies that match those goals. Throw in some behavioral psychology and a positive client experience and you’ve got the makings of a meaningful relationship.”

Discussing money, loss, health and family dynamics can be overwhelming. Holly and her team take time to listen, empathize and educate. What’s more, because Horizon Financial is an independent, fee-based firm, clients can rest easy knowing that their best interests are being represented.

“We’re not tied to one firm or product,” Holly explains. “We look at all possible opportunities because our loyalty is to our clients, not any particular product or company sales quota. Fee-based financial planning makes the cost of doing business transparent, so our clients can be sure we’re recommending the best plan for them.”

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