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Financial Advisors of Cornelius Stegent Price Speak Business

Financial Advisors of Cornelius Stegent Price Speak Business

Business owners speak a language all their own. “These entrepreneurs are risk takers, placing their own financial resources on the line,” says Loyd J. Stegent, CPA/PFS, CFP®, a founding member of Cornelius, Stegent & Price, LLP (CSP). CSP is a full-service accounting firm that concentrates in helping small business owners and investors maximize their wealth creation and protection opportunities. Through its related entity, Stegent Equity Advisors, Inc.* (SEA), CSP offers fee-only investment and financial counseling services to clients who have entrusted over $165 million in assets for management.

Stegent and fellow CPAs Donellen G. Cornelius, CPA/PFS, CFP® and Richard A. Price, CPA (known collectively as CPAdvisers) are a single source for a wide range of unbiased financial advisory services for business owners, executives and their families. Each has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

“As CPAs, we understand the line between personal and business finances is often blurred. So strategies for wealth management and planning for retirement, education and estate transfer should be evaluated in light of risk exposures, compensation packages, succession plans and other factors related to the business,” says Cornelius who, like Stegent, is a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), a credential exclusively reserved for CPAs by the AICPA.

Make It, Grow It, Keep It, Protect It and Pass It On

CPAdvisers’ philosophy is to align all areas of a client’s financial world to work cohesively to create maximum tax savings and long-term investment returns. “Typical financial advisors primarily look at securities. We take a more comprehensive review that encompasses all their outside assets such as real estate and 401(k) plans. In addition to allocating securities to reduce a portfolio’s risk exposure, we develop plans for every stage from building assets through the distribution phase,” says Price whose broad client base includes real estate developers and home builders.

CPAdvisers goes far beyond the scope of typical financial advisors. The advisors carefully orchestrate a creative mix of strategies to not only build wealth but to help clients keep more of what they earn. For example, as CPAs their thorough understanding of IRS rules allows them to help clients plan their investments to take advantage of special tax opportunities for employer stock held within 401(k) plans, and tax-optimize a portfolio by asset class positioning.

The advisors provide strategic planning for the entire business life cycle and throughout the owner’s retirement. Cornelius oversees financial statement preparation which can often lead to lower debt costs for expanding businesses. Price is experienced in asset protection vehicles and products such as insurance, LLCs and trusts to protect business owners and their growing assets. Stegent guides clients as they prepare to retire or convert an IRA to a Roth IRA.

"Disinherit" your kids - "It's time to rethink generational transfer," say The CPAdvisers. "Transferring assets early can mitigate the tax burden on your heirs."

CPAdvisers recommends appropriate tactics for business owners such as hiring their children, a strategy that allows a reasonable amount of income to be shifted to someone in the 0% tax bracket. In the case of one family, this allowed a daughter to afford college and qualified the business for a tax deduction.1

“Like us, so many of our clients are highly focused on controlling costs and achieving results. We understand that for many of them, it’s more than their livelihood, it’s their lives,” says Stegent. “We work solely for our clients. You’ll never find another advisor who will care more about your needs.”1

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