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Horizon Adviser's Diverse, Driven Advisory Team Leaves Nothing to Chance

Horizon Adviser's Diverse, Driven Advisory Team Leaves Nothing to Chance

Horizon Advisers senior partners Ryan Kus, CRPC® and Alexander Dinser, CFP®, ChFC are clear-eyed about the necessities of retirement planning. They understand the complexities involved. And they’re acutely aware that a single missed detail could put someone’s entire life savings at risk.

This sense of urgency runs like a current through Kus and Dinser’s practice. It powers their planning approach and energizes their team—one that includes fellow senior partners and advisers, in-house CPAs, and local attorneys with whom they coordinate their efforts.

“A solid financial plan isn’t centered on investment performance, insurance, or projections; it’s a comprehensive strategy to minimize risk,” Ryan says. “People want to know the bottom line, but that doesn’t help them feel confident about their retirement. That’s why they hire us.”

"We pay attention to the details, and we spend time on them. We truly believe we're creating extra value through our service to clients."         ~Ryan Kus, CRPC®

“We’ve worked through the complex issues for many years, and we’ve built a network of other professionals who deal with them as well,” Dinser says. “Behind the scenes, we’re working closely with them to make sure nothing gets missed.”

In addition to long-term care planning, the Horizon Advisers team routinely tackles other critical but frequently neglected issues such as veterans’ planning, Medicaid planning, and irrevocable trusts.

“It’s all about being proactive,” Kus says. “How can we minimize the taxes clients pay on their investments? What are the tax implications for different retirement income options? If there’s an estate plan, is the trust funded? This is our review process: studying the entire plan piece by piece, down to the last detail.”

Often-Overlooked Issues Are Firm Specialties

To the Horizon Advisers team, the most significant risk people face in retirement isn’t a change in the stock market, inflation rates, or interest rates. It’s the possibility of becoming ill or disabled and not being prepared for that contingency.

“This issue isn’t addressed enough in our industry, frankly,” Dinser says. “Having to spend upwards of $10,000 monthly for ongoing care could leave nothing for beneficiaries, or leave a surviving spouse with no remaining assets. We and our elder law attorney partners can address these issues now, using various legal and financial strategies, to make sure healthcare costs are covered without endangering a lifetime of savings.”

Young Team, Promising Future

Kus and Dinser, both in their 30s, lead a relatively young team. But not an inexperienced one: Kus has 13 years’ experience in the industry, and Dinser—a 10-year industry veteran— is a CFP® instructor at Oakland University. The firm’s other senior partners have over five decades of experience combined.

“Today, the average age for financial advisers is 63, and many are facing retirement themselves,” Dinser says. “Not many advisers our age have the experience we do, along with a thriving practice, sophisticated processes, and high- ouch service. As we continue to grow, we look forward to serving the next several generations of our clients’ families.”

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