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How Would You Risk Your Money - Investing Fads, Trends or Proven Strategies?

How Would You Risk Your Money - Investing Fads, Trends or Proven Strategies?

If you are like most investors, your advisor isn’t a favorite uncle who would never try to steer you wrong. Who tells you honestly how things are. Who has a proven track record of successful investing.

A fortunate group of individuals, families and investors have found their coveted source of knowledgeable, time-tested, and completely unbiased advice. A Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) and fiduciary, Investment Counsel, Inc. is required by law to place client’s interests above all others, without any conflict of interest.

Putting Experience on Your Side

Avoiding the latest hype infecting his industry, Investment Counsel’s advisor Chris Walker and his team adhere to a long-term, buy and hold strategy for investing. “We’ve seen trends come and go. Our practice has always bought individual securities we believe will perform well in all market conditions as well as minimize fees and taxes. Since 1929, when this company was founded, the buy and hold approach consistently provides client’s performance that meets or exceeds expectations,” says Walker. “We’ve never seen market timing or sector rotation schemes work.”

Investment Counsel is not alone in their faith in the buy and hold strategy. This is is how Warren Buffett invests his own money. “If we thought there was a better way, we’d do it,” adds Walker. Evidently, clients agree. A third-party survey revealed an amazing 100 percent client satisfaction rate and Investment Counsel retained 99 percent of all clients in the last 24 months.

Investment Counsel gives clients the ultimate advantage…remember the favorite uncle? What if he were the one who not only gave good advice, but implemented your individualized portfolio and actively managed your assets? Because Walker and his team personally manage and monitor portfolios, your money manager is only a phone call away.

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