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Live the Life You’ve Earned

Live the Life You’ve Earned

"The five years leading up to retirement involves a transition to a new stage of life, and the transition takes a great deal of planning-both emotionally and financially."

Are you thinking about retiring in the next five years or have you recently retired? If so, are you sure you’re ready to make the transition?

“When you’re getting ready to retire, there are many things you need to do before worrying about investing,” says Mitch McCann, Private Wealth Advisor and Managing Director of McCann Wathen Retirement Strategies.

“You need to consider the how, when and where of retirement planning,” agrees McCann Wathen Retirement Strategies Financial Advisor and Chartered Financial Analyst Eric Wathen.

“The five years leading up to retirement involves a transition to a new stage of life, and this transition takes a great deal of planning—both emotionally and financially.”

To help clients bridge both the emotional and financial transitions that accompany retirement, the McCann Wathen Retirement Strategies team looks at all the aspects that may affect a client’s financial position.

“We do the math,” Mitch says. “We look at the monthly amount needed to maintain the client’s desired lifestyle and, if that amount exceeds what’s coming in from Social Security and any pension, then we create an income-based investment plan.

“For clients, it’s the best of both worlds—income and total return potential for wealth accumulation.”

Creating and implementing plans to provide both income and total return requires a comprehensive approach and every McCann Wathen Retirement Strategies client receives their own unique investment policy.

“Investing for retirement is completely different than investing before retirement,” Eric explains. “We take an income-first, total return approach. It’s not for everyone, but this approach allows us to achieve the expectation to grow portfolios that are robust and durable for a lifetime.”

“It’s a simple, straightforward plan to create income,” Mitch adds. “What’s more, because we adhere to strict fiduciary standards, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that we’re committed to putting their best interests first. We even give each of our clients a report card every year, so they can see how their income has grown.”

“We work with real people making real transitions. They’re retiring or they’re selling their business or they recently went through a divorce or lost a loved one,” Eric adds. “We understand that these are as much emotional issues as they are financial — and we take the time to guide our clients every step of the way.”

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