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What Can Mountain Climbing Teach You About Investing?

What Can Mountain Climbing Teach You About Investing?

Ask any veteran mountain climber the secret to a great excursion. The answer: Find the best mountain guide. Michael C. Kuznicki, founder and president of Ridgeback Capital Management, says the same is true for maneuvering through your lifelong financial journey.

“Experts advise the adventurous to look for guides with experience on the route you are traveling, proper credentials, and a low climber-to-guide ratio,” explains Kuznicki, an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR).

Kuznicki sees his role in financial planning the same way. He serves as a guide for individuals, families and foundations by mapping the path designed to get them to their financial destination in a tax-efficient way.

Your 5-Star Guide

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Kuznicki is a rarity among his peers because of his broad background. In addition to his role as an investment advisor, he is one of few financial planners who have been accredited as a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) which is the financial planning specialty accreditation held exclusively by CPAs.* His expertise in corporate accounting, tax and corporate finance allows him to look beyond the typical financial plan basics.

Ridgeback Capital Management’s business model is userfriendly since Kuznicki has no affiliation with a broker/dealer. “A broker is essentially a middleman, a salesman who makes a profit from transactions. Because I don’t make commissions on investments, I am free to recommend solutions based solely on my clients’ best interests,” he explains. “I can manage portfolios personally, monitor their performance, while holding down the costs of investing.”

Professional, Personal Guidance

A boutique office, Ridgeback Capital Management has the luxury of doing whatever is necessary to exceed client expectations through outstanding service. Kuznicki carefully maintains a balance of existing and new clients. As a result, investors at all levels, from young people just starting out, to those in their 80’s – enjoy the focused attention and advice on a wide range of issues, such as budgeting, major purchasing decisions, retirement, life transitions, and wealth transfer.

“We aren’t salespeople, we like to come alongside our clients as guides,” concludes Kuznicki. “We help people organize and simplify their lives so they can enjoy their path forward. The personal, trusting relationships we build with the people we serve keeps me excited about getting up every morning to go to work.”

"A good guide is one who has the ability to see the whole terrain, find a path around obstacles and avoid risky situstions."

~Michael C. Kuznicki

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